About us...

Industrial Thinking was formed in 2007 and the company quickly built on the already strong reputation our individual team members had earned over many years. This bringing together of complementary skills and seasoned expertise proved to be a potent combination and we found ourselves in a melting pot of innovative ideas and possibilities.

This exciting time has given the company the inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion to consistently achieve first class results. Skill, knowledge, and experience are vital tools when facing a challenge but they need to be augmented with vitality. Which are all attributes that you will find within Industrial Thinking.
We are a small company with a strong sense of values and integrity.
As a company, we very quickly took on some sizeable projects including an overhaul recording system for the main compressor on the largest Polyethylene plant in the world, a Production and loss Accounting implementation, a Tank Management system, a Shift Log system, and Server side process-based calculation engine.
We are based on Wilton in the North East of England, as we feel it is vital to stay close to the industries that we serve. Being located so close to our customers enables us to understand the problems faced by our customers and to be able to react quickly and effectively when our services are needed.

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