Unlock your ability to measure your productivity easily and to find and analyse any process constraints!

OEE Explorer offers a detailed breakdown on performance and cost analysis using an OEE framework.
This can be a major benefit in helping target available resources to areas that offer the greatest return on investment. It becomes easier to distinguish between regular niggles and more serious costly problems. Focus is directed immediately to the areas that are costing you the most.

Costs and reasons can be assigned to losses at any level providing an accurate overall OEE percentage and the associated cost of any losses in each area. Reporting on the most common losses over any period is available at the click of a mouse. Offering the ability to monitor overall performance instantly, in a simple colour coded hierarchical tree-view that allows optional drill down in to sub-areas. These could be logical units, physical plant areas, process units or individual pieces of equipment that you have been granted access to.

Give your teams the ability to document and annotate events that have affected planned production rates. Realise the immediate benefits without a long complicated lead in time. With securable access using roles containing Active Directory users and/or groups or alternatively named user accounts.

Effectively plan an implementation that suits you. Starting with a high level overview, detail can be added in stages focusing on areas that you know can affect production and using the collected overview figures to highlight areas that would benefit from a more detailed breakdown.

Areas that you are already aware of do not typically drive as much benefit as the ones where further detail can be added to explain a unit that regularly underperforms or one that underperforms only during a rare mode of operation.

At the root level you also have the ability to list the biggest and most costly causes of lost production over a configurable time period. Assigning costs to these can be tackled in the same way where focus is given to recording bigger events in more detail with more realistic costs assigned.