IT Network and Security audit

Technology leaps over recent years can be difficult to keep up with if it is not core to your business. Unforeseen Business changes such as divestments, acquisitions with aggressive deadlines can introduce non compliant practices. An external vendor or contractor may inadvertently not comply with industry best practice. A working system is no measure of a successful secure deployment or integration. 

We have successfully completed a number of projects to assist customers with this and found this to be of significant benefit to them.

We have a wealth of experience gathered over decades of working with a diverse range of systems from legacy VMS systems to Cloud Services, ERP systems to Custom Built Business Applications to plant based data acquisition of DCS/PLC/Instruments. We have often worked with vendors to improve the security of their software when site engineers have followed a documented install procedure with no consideration of the local working environment or infrastructure. We have successfully delivered these services to a range of business types with differing footprints. IT Security affects ALL businesses regardless of whether you are a High Hazard COMAH regulated Petrochemical Sites, an International multi site Business, office based or even a lone consultant.

We now offer these services to everyone and you can choose areas that you would like to direct the focus of the audit and how we perform the process. Typically we suggest between 2 - 3 days per site visit but this can be shorter if remote sites can be checked from one location.

We can offer clients a comprehensive, fast, secure, confidential and independent IT security audit of your: -

  • Business network
  • Manufacturing network
  • Network Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Firewall configurations
  • DCOM Security
  • DCS / PLC / Interface Communication
  • Active Directory
  • Group Policies
  • User Accounts
  • Service Accounts
  • Anti-Virus
  • Planned and documented OS patching schedules
  • Real-time Historian configuration

Your audit results will also contain clear explanations of what was found along with suggested improvements and remedial works. If requested, we can also help implement any remedial work but there is no requirement that suggested remedial work is carried out by Industrial Thinking.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements 0800 4118411 or drop us a email [email protected]