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June 8th 2021, Microsoft released a Windows Security Update KB5004442 in response to a recently discovered vulnerability affecting DCOM security (CVE-2021-26414). This vulnerability affects all current versions of Windows. However, while the vulnerability has been patched the update is turned off by default. As this change to DCOM has far-reaching consequences for technologies ...

This months blog features an Innovative IIOT project with Wilton based Lloyds Register Guardian Marine Testing

We should all have in our minds some examples of software products that for a combination of reasons are not only successful but feeling for them runs deeper. They have an emotional connection with users and administrators. It is a rare thing but from time to time a software product is a good fit, arrives at the right time for the organisation, suits the organisations culture a ...

Feeling trapped by a vendor that no longer feels the need to remain competitive and knows that their solution is difficult to replace. Perhaps there are options that open up the possibility for change.


A broad and structured data investment - be ready for machine learning and breaking technologies

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