Counterpoint® is a highly flexible suite of applications that helps businesses drive performance, innovation and reliability. By ensuring the right people, get the right information, at the right time, enabling the right decisions to be made.

Leveraging the power and flexibility of .Net and Silverlight Counterpoint® is easy to deploy to any corporate environment.

Counterpoint® is able to connect to the leading data historians through our common data architecture, enabling you to see, trend, perform calculations on all your data in one place.



What functionality does the suite offer?
A powerful trending package in your browser offering a clean modern styling using Microsoft Silverlight.
Fast and easy way to analyse your data in Microsoft Excel using the Counterpoint® Office Addin.
An extremely fast and powerful calculation engine that can be used across data sources.
Thin client Plant mimics with all data access to your historians directed through your webserver.
KPI Dashboards offering quick overviews and highlighting areas for improvement.
OEE Explorer offering an easy to use drill down list of your equipment that is currently not being run as efficiently as it could and is in turn adding to your less visible running costs.



Counterpoint can be key in the cost effective of standardisation of manufacturing environments globally. A standard set of visualisation tools that are vendor compatible but do not limit the capabilities of users or require an in-depth knowledge of the underlying data historian.