Petrochemicals MES improvements

Global Petrochemicals Company, one of the worlds top 10, suffering from missing batches, delayed production order processing and quality recording issues resulting in delayed product deliveries and lost revenue due to down grading product on one of their largest assets.



The MES system was specified, designed, built and implemented during the plant construction and commissioning phases, with under the a "run it flat out" model and a three month production plan, fast forward several years and the industry is a very different place, resulting in a move to a "Just in Time" model with integrated sales pipeline, production plans minute by minute.

Combining business changes with aging Server Hardware, Main stream server operating systems support coming to an end and MES software in need of update, was impacting on production.


 We adopted a multi stream approach to the project:

  • Server Visualization

Visualization of all of the MES servers, as a matter of priority as the legacy Server hardware was out of warranty and starting to fail

  • Business Process Analysis and Gap Analysis

We worked closely with the client and their operations team... and listened to them. Took on board there views and experiences, like, you have to leave this screen open, while we do this operation, otherwise is fails - no idea why, but it always works if its open.

  • Proposed a re-architectured system

From the analysis, interviews and system deep-dives we proposed a new re-imagined, simpler, more elegant system architecture.

Proposed more logical functionality split between the MES and DCS

Proposed new Process flow that was aligned to the business, so the system could work in harmony and support the business and approval processes.

  • New Web based unified portal

We created a new Portal to provide all the functionality in a standard format, simplifying system use and training requirement.


  • Simpler Architecture
    • New simpler, more understood system architecture
    • 40% less MES servers to manage and maintain
    • Simpler Disaster recovery plan
  • Aligned with Sales and Business Processes
    • Production Order approvals, now aligned with sales, logistics and operational processes
    • Faster Production Order Processing times
    • Faster Processing times for Batch and quality data
    • Expedited sales process, batch information available sooner in Global SAP Systems
  • 0 (Zero) lost batches since implementation
  • Delivered timed to coincide with a Plant Shutdown
  • On Budget
  • Happy Clients



*Information correct at time of document was published