Consultancy Services

At Industrial Thinking we are proud to offer a wide range of consultancy services and products, working with some of the largest (and smallest) companies in the world, at both a national and international level. Whether it is providing support for emergency technology crisis or day-to-day system support, we are able to assist.

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Software Development services

Providing a viable alternative to Agency contractors we can provide flexible resource on a time and materials or fixed price basis delivering all source co ...

Software Products

Providing a range of off the shelf products ranging from an intelligent 3D CAD viewer to a process based OEE solution.

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Honeywell Authorised System Integrator

Honeywell PHD Historian offer

As an authorised Channel Partner for Honeywell Advanced Solutions, we are delighted to be able to offer Honeywell PHD and DynAMo Alarm Management Software, Solutions and Consultancy services. Speak to us for a no obligation quotation today. 

Chronicle - Secure Manual Data Entry

Chronicle - Secure Manual Data Entry

Using Chronicle to provide a standard secure mechanism for all of your data entry into production data sources allows validation, authorisation of time-scheduled or ad-hoc data entry in one consitent framework. This significantly reduces development, deployment and training outlay.

IT Awards success in London

IT Awards success in London

Some of the Industrial Thinking team with SABIC IT Manager Tony Porritt following their combined success at London IT Awards ceremony.

Mobile manufacturing data

Mobile manufacturing data

Maximise the use of real-time data with mobile trending and dashboards. Instant access to valuable information in a secure and reliable solution.

OPC Alarm & Event

Extract Alarm & Event's (and realise the value) of Alarm Analysis, Management and rationalisation, with the help of our OPC Alarm & Event Node

OPC Interfaces

For a limited time our OPC solutions all come with some free consultancy to help you get you systems up and running as OPC and DCOM is notoriously dif ...


Counterpoint®Counterpoint® is a highly flexible suite of applications that helps businesses drive performance, innovation and reliability. By ensuring ...


Chronicle is a powerful web based remote data entry platform offering secure and consistent data access to a variety of underlying systems. Chronicle ...


Counterpoint Intuition offers web based real-time mimics and dashboards. All pages can be easily edited and version controlled by one click deployment ...

Consultancy Services

We aim to provide our Consultancy services in a flexible way with options that meet the individual customer requirements. This varies on a case by cas ...

Software services

A viable alternative to Agency contractors Many of clients find that they benefit from this service in a number of ways. They know the team members al ...

Software products

Software Products We offer many pre-developed and tested products with the option of bespoke customisation as required. We can develop modular solutio ...

IT Network and Security audit

Technology leaps over recent years can be difficult to keep up with if it is not core to your business. Unforeseen Business changes such as divestment ...


Manufacturing related projects and case studies.


Business related projects and case studies

Whatever you need!

If you have a question or query about the products or services we offer, or how we can help your business, call us on 0800 4118411 or email us at [email protected]