Counterpoint Trend

Counterpoint Trend is a fully web based trending tool that allows a standard method of access to a variety of back-end systems. Trends can combine data from any configured data-source of any compatible type. Browser based HTML 5 trending application offers a consistent high-performance experience for any of the Industry standard historians.

It is easy to create 'On the fly' calculations, performing mathematical and logical operations incorporating points from any supported data source.

Enhanced event finding features make it easier to get to the areas in time that are of interest. Statistical charts like density probability or parallel coordinate plotting available at the click of a button.


Web Trend Event Search

Aggregates and Statistics

All native aggregate types are available as well as Counterpoint aggregates. Data features include: Consistent representation of data quality across data sources, Aggregates like Min/Max, Average, Std Deviation, Range etc, Ability to time offset trend to align events from separate tags, Stepped and interpolated data and much, much more

Event Searching

Events (or process excursions) can be easily located using Counterpoint Trend and it's find History function. This makes finding conditions like when Tagl was > 10 or when Tagl < Tag2 a breeze. On the fly calculation statements and complex logic can also be used in the event search helping you to efficiently analyse historical events across data sources.

Product Feature List 


Key features Industrial Thinking Counterpoint Trend
Cloud / Intranet Based
No Install Required
Trend Process Data
Trend Aggregate Data
Trend Custom Tags
Trend Business Assets Attributes
Multi data source capable with native connectors
High performance calculation across any source
Event Searching
Search on Custom Expressions
Cross Tag Event Searching
Cross Data Historian Event Searching
Real Time View
Full size maximised page real-estate views
Asset and Data Modelling extensions
Annotation Functions  
Annotate Trend with comments
Annotate Trend with video
Annotate Trend with Photos and other extended content
Trend Interaction  
Scrolling, Panning, Zooming
Horizontal Scooters
Vatical Scooters
Advanced Functions  
Density Probability curve
Standard Deviation
Stepped Data
Interpolated Data
Time offset Trends
Supported data sources  
AspenTech InfoPlus.21
Honeywell Uniformance PHD
Vista Systems Vaccess
Microsoft SQL Server
Compatible Clients / Operating Systems  
HTML 5 compatible Web Browser
Mobile device capable
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Apple OSX 10
Collaboration Features  
Save Trends
Send Trend to Team member
Public / Private Trends
Integration Features  
API Available
Custom URL Integration
Custom Actions
Data Table feature with export to Excel or "Jump to" feature

Mobile versions for the iPad and iPhone are also available in the AppStore.

Access your data from any Counterpoint compatable data historian
Trend data from multiple data historians together
Trend your data on the move with Counterpoint Trend Mobile
Trends can be viewed in both web browsers and also on IOS devices

Demonstrations and site trials available on request