Chronicle is a powerful web based remote data entry platform offering secure and consistent data access to a variety of underlying systems. Chronicle reduces costs and increases efficiency by enabling integrated access to legacy and proprietary systems.

Flexible Design
Often new processes or legislation require ✓e capture of new data and calculations,
incorporating ✓is new data wi✓in legacy systems can be problematic. Tactical standalone systems are commonly created to run alongside existing enterprise systems. ✓is can result in extra processing time and maintenance effort. Counterpoint Chronicle offers a strategic integrated solution to ✓ese challenges, allowing you to build and edit data capture workflows and calculations in house.

Chronicle provides:
• Standard web forms toolkit
• Drag and Drop functionality
• Powerful Calculation engine
• Full user-defined audit trail of data entry, data changes, and sign off

Chronicle lets users map data processing to business requirements, offering a strategic, integrated, and flexible solution.

Enterprise Solution
Counterpoint Chronicle can be deployed for a single project or can be integrated to your core data platform and deployed enterprise wide for multiple projects ✓at require data access to your core real time historian or control platforms.

Data Entry can be securely implemented to real-time data historians or more conventional database systems. All access is securable using ei✓er standard active directory users and groups (preferable me✓od) or by specifying standalone user accounts. Scheduled pages can be built to store data for specific time intervals.

Product Feature List 

Key features Industrial Thinking Chronicle
Cloud / Intranet Based
No Install Required
Trend Input History
Support Custom Tags
Multi data source capable wi✓ native connectors
Secure Multi level ownership
Access Control List
Access Roles
Windows Integrated Security
Data / Page Locking
Data Sealing
Access Based Enumeration of Folders, Lists
Auditable Event  
Data Repository Check
Screen Open for Read
Values Entered / Changed
Screen Definition updated
Supported data sources / destinations  
AspenTech InfoPlus.21
Honeywell Uniformance PHD
Vista Systems Vaccess
Microsoft SQL Server
Compatible Clients / Operating Systems  
HTML 5 compatible Web Browser
Mobile device capable
Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10
Apple OSX 10
Integration Features  
API Available
Custom URL Integration
Custom Actions
Support for Inbound and Outbound event triggers
Industrial ✓inking have done a great job wi✓ Chronicle – it’s easy to use, easy to configure and simple to deploy. ✓e new trending and auditing features are proving very useful for our EUETS work.
Tony Porritt - IT Manager SABIC Petrochemicals UK