KPI Navigator

Counterpoint KPI Navigator is a highly flexible and responsive real time web based KPI Management solution. Covering the full spectrum from high performance data subscription based process calculations to enterprise level senior management KPI's. Process based decisions can save large amounts of money to a manufacturing facility and improving consistency across shift teams and helping them react quickly when appropriate are major benefits.

In addition to knowing that a decision should be made it is vital that a less experienced member of the team can have access to the information of a more experienced peer out of hours when they are not available. This is where we cross the boundary from a more conventional OEE system to a much more flexible expert system providing the most appropriate advice based on current conditions.

Many levels of ownership and delegation of responsibility allow the most experienced personnel in your business to manage and fine tune calculated parameters. How these parameters roll-up is controlled by branch level configured calculations.

 Calculations can be triggered on change to any data inputs ensuring that the calculation engine and any configured data storebacks are as efficient as possible.


Easy to edit high performance calculations that can be tested in private area before making available to other users. The screenshot below shows an example. These calculations can be based on any data input from any data source and can include quite involved logic. All calculation precedence on nested calculations ensures that any changes trigger all required dependant calculations in the correct order.

Counterpoint development API's are available to your on site developers if appropriate to further extend the capabilities of this solution. Event based triggers in and out of the system can be used to feed any downstream workflow actions that you may have. System notifications and alerts are also a key part of this system.

Product Feature List 

Key features Industrial Thinking KPI Navigator
Cloud / Intranet Based
No Install Required
Trend Process Data
Trend Aggregate Data
Trend Custom Tags
Trend Business Assets Attributes
Multi data source capable with native connectors
High performance calculation across any source
Secure Multi level ownership
User configurable KPI parameter items
User configurable calculations per KPI and per parameter
On-Change data subscription from real-time systems
Real Time View
Full size maximised page real-estate views
Asset and Data Modelling extensions
Ability to nest calculation events
Notifications and event based alerts
Expert system user assistance
Developer API's
Inbound and OutBound subscription capabilities
Annotation Functions  
Annotate Trend with comments
Annotate Trend with video
Annotate Trend with Photos and other extended content
Trend Interaction  
"Scrolling, Panning, Zooming"
Horizontal Scooters
Vatical Scooters
Advanced Functions  
Density Probability curve
Standard Deviation
Stepped Data
Interpolated Data
Time offset Trends
Supported data sources  
AspenTech InfoPlus.21
Honeywell Uniformance PHD
Vista Systems Vaccess
Microsoft SQL Server
Compatible Clients / Operating Systems  
HTML 5 compatible Web Browser
Mobile device capable
"Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 10"
Apple OSX 10
Integration Features  
API Available
Custom URL Integration
Custom Actions
Support for Inbound and Outbound event triggers

Demonstrations and site trials available on request.