Consultancy Services

We aim to provide our Consultancy services in a flexible way with options that meet the individual customer requirements. This varies on a case by case basis but it can involve :-

a) Flexible Resource offered at Time and Materials rates
b) Agreed Specification - fixed price

Flexible Time and Materials - (on an as required basis)
In this case we would typically provide skilled resource to a customer premises/site working under the direction of the Project or management team.
Our team would seamlessly integrate into your team for the duration of the piece of work and respond to their direction.
When purchased on a time and materials basis the resource requirement can flex to assist in meeting key project milestones for time-critical tasks or relax to reduce cost where appropriate. Site based engineers have the full support and assistance of personnel back at base.
Regular contact to identify and deal with any new challenges or slow moving tasks is essential.

Agreed Specification - (fixed price)
Identified and fully specified tasks can be agreed, completed and tested remotely providing a turnkey solution. We operate using an Agile methodology which helps to prevent projects from drifting into unrealistic dreams. By itemising tasks as accurately as possible it offers transparency and empowers the client to decide on the key objectives and priorities through each phase. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver on agreed proposals within timescales and budget.