Tank Farm mass inventory implementation

This project involved building a system to create mass balance feeds from a range of tanks, manual data-entry and verification was also necessary for a small number of sources without suitable gauges. 


Scope of Work

  • Automated Inventory Acquisition and storage Data Historians
    • Data conversions (Levels to Volumes)
    • ASTM tables for various oils.
    • Strake Tables
    • Density corrections for actual Temperature
    • Floating Roof Calculations
    • Spheres
    • Bullets
    • Standard Tanks
    • Floating roof Tanks
    • Pressured Tanks
  • Product Movement Tracking
    • Tank To Tank
    • Ship To Shore
    • Shore To Ship
    • Tank To 3rd Party Tank
    • 3rd Party Tanks
  • Scheduled Manual Level Input and Approval or override (Operations Team)
  • Daily / Monthly Level Adjustment / Approval (Finance and Accounts Team)